Wiping out the deaths from prostate cancer

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Caleb Smith

Title: Wiping out the deaths from prostate cancer

Veronica James
Australian National University,  Australia


Veronica James started her research career in crystallography finding the crystal and molecular structures of crystals, using X-ray and neutron sources, until “Direct Method” were introduced. Since the crystal structures could then be obtained by the computer, she moved to study membranes and fibres. Initially this work was aimed at body tissues such as “breast changes leading to breast cancer” , “changes in heart valve tissues in myxomatous conditions and changes in tendon, skin hair, etc in insulin dependent diabetes. All these led to a study of changes in skin with breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma. When unexpected changes in hair were found to correlate with breast cancer, this study was extended to cover tests to see if breast cancers were cured by madical treatments, and studies were widened to colon cancers and Alzheimer's Disease. Further studies are extending these findings to other cancers.


Using fiber diffraction, cancers can be diagnosed as soon as they start to grow, so they can be diagnosed very early. For most men, therefore, prostate cancers can be diagnosed as low grade in their twenties. At this stage, these cancers can be removed by chemotherapy and radiation – no radical prostatectomies are needed. After treatment, a further diffraction test will verify that the cancer has been totally removed. No further worries and all that is needed is a 3mm skin biopsy taken from stomach or buttocks with a Keyes Punch. Till date, over 400 tests have been carried out, Sensitivity was 100% as there were no false negatives. All invasions were identified and characterized correctly. However, there were 3 false positives so the specificity was 99.2%. Later these 3 were shown to be true, just earlier than any other test could identify. This could be incorporated into the key-note speech along with breast cancer and other cancers under the title “Fibre Diffraction Can Save Lives.



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